Create YourRetreat Experience

With Journey Within's customized retreat packages you get to decide how little or how much you wish to experience.  While we offer the finest in body therapies, we are so much more than a spa.  We offer life coaching, natural therapies, yoga, meditation, spiritual & holistic teachings as well as certifications in numerous holistic modalities. We can accommodate you whether you wish to come on your own or create a retreat for your group.  Each retreat is as individual as you are!  Choose how much or how little you wish to do, what therapies you wish to receive and the number of nights you wish to stay.  Guests must include at least one therapy and stay for a minimum of two nights. 

Customize your All-Inclusive Retreat

Choose how many nights you wish to stay 

Go to our natural therapies link & choose which therapies you wish to experience

2 night minimum stay and minimum of one therapy per retreat guest

We can accommodate up to 6 guests. 

Retreat & Renew

Discover who you are when the world isn't telling you who to be.  Take time to retreat and release all that is no longer serving you.   We will guide you to revitalize your health, reconnect with your authentic self and reclaim your power. 


Includes private, tastefully decorated room, 3 plant-based meals, tea and snacks

Yoga and meditation daily

Chakra reading

Oracle Card pulling & guidance

Therapies of your choice 

Investment:  $150 per day 

Therapies are priced individually from $80-$125/hr

Day Retreat

9 am - 3 pm

A full day of sweet rest, slow movement, soulful exchange, nurturing touch, sacred sound, and nourishing, plant-based food. Give yourself the gift of renewal one day per month.  We are an oasis within the city, an antidote to your crazy busy life.  Release all that no longer serves you to make room for peace and happiness in your life


Includes:  energy clearing • crystal healing oracle card reading • sound healing meditation with crystal singing bowls

yin yoga • aromatherapy • journaling • setting your mantra • sharing circle • holistic coaching


A Reiki-infused healing crystal will be your parting gift as a reminder of your healing journey. 


Plant-based lunch, snacks, spring water & healing teas will be served. 

Come on your own, or gather with friends while gaining transformational holistic tools to bring balance back to your life. 

​Investment:  $99/per person

Girlfriend Sleepover Retreat

Gather your bffs and join us for a cosy night of love, laughter, yoga, meditation, oracle card guidance, chakra reading and heart to hearts.  Share a delicious plant-based dinner with your soul sisters,  followed by energy clearings, chakra readings, card pulling, snacks and tea. Talk into the wee hours without being told to go to sleep. Wake up to meditation, yoga and a yummy brunch. 

Investment:  $150 per person

Holistic Teachings Retreat

Would you prefer to fill your holistic toolbox by partaking in one of our Holistic Workshops?

We offer Holistic Teaching Retreats where you can learn a new modality, be pampered and stay on site.

All-inclusive Retreat includes private, tastefully decorated room, 3 plant-based meals, tea and snacks

Yoga and meditation daily

Chakra reading

Oracle Card pulling & guidance

Investment:  $150 per day

Add Therapies - priced individually from $80-$125/hr

Add cost of Holistic Modality you wish to study

At Journey Within Collective, our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to live your best life.  We facilitate transformation, growth and healing on all levels through a synergy of gentle, trauma-informed yoga, energy clearings, meditation, sound healing, holistic lectures, natural therapies and yummy, plant-based meals and snacks.  Through meaningful interactions we explore how we move through life, our alignment with our authentic selves  and our willingness to release, accept and receive.  Join Us! 

The only journey is the Journey Within! <3