Asking For Protection

Energies are all around us. We are all subjected to them, whether we are aware of it or not. Our energetic body has a built in detector that warns us of people who are sucking out our energy. You know it well, that jolt you get in your solar plexus when you see someone you don't feel comfortable around is your body's way of warning you.

I work with energies. In my early days as a lightworker, I was assaulted by incoming energies as I wasn't aware of how to protect myself. I would often feel exhausted, feel my mood shift suddenly without knowing why or take on pain that was not my own. I started to feel that perhaps I had signed up for more than I had bargained for.

Soon after, I was introduced to an Ojibwe traditional healer. I began a journey as his apprentice, learning of the sacred medicines, and delved further into energy healing. I found however, that he was no more protected than I was when it came to taking on other people's energies. I began researching the topic, discussed the issue with my mentors, and learned that there was a way to protect myself. I began to use the methods suggested, as well as many others I have since worked with, and I reclaimed control of my energy.


Upon waking up, express gratitude for the gift of a new day. Call on your helpers and guides, and ask them to clear you of any negative energies, entities, hooks, or implants you may have picked up. Ask to be filled with St. Germain's Violet Flame to purify you, then ask to be filled with pure white light, to heal and protect you. Visualize yourself in a bubble of pure white light, and state "may only the highest and purest of energies enter in. So be it, So be it, So be it and so it is. Thank you."

As you go about your day, be conscious of your surroundings. If you are an empath you can easily pick up other people's pain, and mistake it for your own. I make it a habit to swipe down chairs before I sit in them. This is particularly important in public places such as food courts, movie theatres, restaurants, and places of worship.

When meditating it is of the utmost importance to protect yourself. Simply ensure that you are surrounded by white light, and ask for protection.

Asking for Protection

Before retiring at night, clear your energy once again as you did in the morning.

Through these simple exercises you will reclaim your energy, and become in control of how you feel.

Love, Di

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