Clearing Your House Of Energies

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. As such we are made of energy. Unless you live in a newly built home, the house you live in has been lived in by others in this and, possibly other lifetimes. That being said you may sense that your house has energies that do not feel comfortable to you. While most energies that linger in a home are benevolent, sometimes disruptive energies can be present.

Whether you have lived in your home for a long time, or have recently moved in, it is a great idea to clear your house of any energies that are not your own. I always clear any home I move into and, also clear it every once in awhile depending on who has been in my home. It is especially important to clear your house if you notice that you or your family seems to be having a lot of disturbing dreams, things keep seeming to be misplaced or there seems to be a lot of chaos in your home.

To clear your home:

Light incense, sage or sweetgrass and, carry it with you in your non dominant hand.

Set your intention • call in your guides and helpers to clear any negative energies from your home.

Open a window in the last room you will be clearing.

Start in the basement if you have one, otherwise start on the main floor of your home. Draw a Star of David on the ceiling, floor and all four walls of each room, as well as the closets, windows, hallways.

As you finish a room, close the door behind you and seal it with a Star of David.

In the final room, repeat as before, finishing with the open window. Close the open window last, seal it.

Let the incense or smudge stick burn down. Say so be it, three times, and thank you.

Love, Di

Clear Your House of Energies

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