Invoking the Stop Sign

While fences and locks are in place to stop would be intruders, we should also consider energetic intruders. A simple way to protect your property is to invoke the stop sign. This is a very simple method of asking spirit guides, and helpers to protect our homes, and our loved ones within them.

Close your eyes, call on your guides, and helpers to join you. State "I invoke the stop sign." This message creates an energetic barrier around your property. In effect you are calling on 4 energetic centurion guards to protect your property in each direction: North, South, East, and West. Your property becomes encased in a pyramid-shaped shield of indigo light that extends four miles into the sky, as well as four miles into the earth.

Only the highest and purest of energies can penetrate this barrier. Anyone in your life who does not have pure intentions will suddenly find your house unappealing as their energies will no longer be able to trespass your property.

I have invoked the stop sign on several occasions, and have found it quite interesting how certain parties suddenly stopped visiting. They were unaware on a conscious level that I had placed these wards, yet I was shielded from them. If you have someone in your life whom you are not sure of energetically, this is a great way to learn if their intent is serving your highest good.

Invoke the Stop Sign

love, Di

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