The Wise Woman

In Ancient times, older women were the keepers of primal Mysteries and were revered for their special wisdom. Many women are evaluating what it means to stand on the threshold of old age. For some women, Croning Ceremonies serve as an ideal way to make a statement about that passage. The rising interest in Croning Ceremonies also reflects a larger movement to reassert the value of older women. In Ancient Times old women were known as Crones. They held Power and enjoyed status as “the Healers, the Mediators, the Wise of the Communities.” Gradually, that Power and recognition were lost. In modern times, the old woman has become nearly invisible, pushed aside and forgotten.

“We don’t listen to her. We shut her up,” While some cultures still honour old women, it is not the norm throughout our society. “We don’t listen to her. We shut her up,”

By Melinda Voss ©, The Des Moines Register

It is time for each of us to fully embrace each stage of our lives and share our inner beauty with the world. Rise up Sister. ❤️

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