Reiki Master Teacher - Level III

Reiki Master Teacher - Level III


Reiki is gentle, calm, and nurturing and works particularly well with stress reduction, anxiety, chronic fatigue and pain.  It helps one to work through their grief and find spiritual integration. Reiki calls upon us to become still and observe the self, to allow us to connect to our inner healing resources. My Reiki practice is deeply steeped in a background of Eastern Holistic Medicine from which Reiki originally birthed. As your teacher, I will embark upon this path with you and guide you along your spiritual journey.  In my almost twenty years of practice I have held space and nurtured students from all walks of life and gratefully witnessed their spiritual transformation. I look forward to sharing and deepening this journey with you. 


I believe that Reiki has the power to transform the world. When we as individuals learn to maintain and protect our own energy, we no longer go to outside sources to fulfill us. Thus, we learn to make better choices for ourselves, no longer looking outside of ourselves for fulfilment.  Our relationships with ourselves improve as we honour our needs and learn to set boundaries. We embrace our ability to heal ourselves and others and develop greater empathy and compassion. Through Reiki we begin to flow with Life and allow ourselves to just Be. 

Reiki has three or four levels depending on how the teacher decides to divide it.  I choose to spread the teachings over three levels as I feel Reiki should be shared as much as possible. Each level builds on the previous and explores deeper levels of energy work. Level III is the Reiki Master Teacher Level.  Once the training is complete you will receive an attunement and will be able to practice and teach Reiki if you so choose.


Traditionally, Reiki III includes the master symbols, how to use them, and how to pass an attunement.  In this training, I will teach you all of the above plus, step by step outlines on how to teach each level and provide ongoing guidance as you embark on your new role as a guide to others. You will also benefit from my insights and advice garnered from two decades of Reiki practice and teaching. I share a great deal of anecdotal evidence as well through story, as I feel we learn best when we learn in a traditional handing down of knowledge as in the days of old. I see our relationship as an apprenticeship of sorts, with me leading you along a path I have walked for many years.






Holistic Business Practices e-book

Live training and Q&A session through facetime

Ongoing mentorship and Support

Certification as a Level III Reiki Master Teacher 

Investment:  $375


We also have a Sacred Gatherings membership held monthly.  Please go to our SHOP page for more information.


    Students have instant access to course materials upon payment. 

    Once you have read the entire course manual, please contact me to schedule a facetime call to receive live video instruction and to receive your attunement.  

    ​Certificates are issued once you receive your attunement.

    Workbook, live instruction, holistic business practices e-book and ongoing support are included in our all-inclusive costs.  

    As we are a small business, and since all course materials are issued upon payment,  we cannot issue refunds or credits once payment has been made.  Please weigh your options before signing up for class as there will be no exceptions.